Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Guest Post at Brenda Drake's: A Literary Holiday Tradition

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
When Brenda asked me to blog about a favorite holiday tradition, I knew just what it would be. You see, you’ll soon be curling up on the couch to nap, watch football, and dream about turkey sandwiches. Me? I’ll be shaking off my food coma to spend my evening wrapping presents. Am I crazypants? Well, yes. But, not in this instance. Wrapping these gifts in the last few days of November signals the start of our holiday season.
There are twenty-four in all.
And each one is a book.
When I was a little girl, every Christmas Eve would find my younger sister and me in Dad’s lap, listening intently to The Night Before Christmas. He’d read the words, we’d wonder aloud who the heck would go to bed wearing a kerchief, and then we’d scramble upstairs to our own sugarplum dreams. That book became linked to some of my happiest childhood memories and I knew, when I had children of my own, that I wanted to give them the same gift. But, ya know—in the spirit of modern parenting—even better. And bigger.

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  1. What a great tradition, Jen. I may just have to steal it!