Friday, February 7, 2014

How To Help An Author (Beyond Buying the Book): Part Two

Most of us writer types could probably find a way to live on books alone, but sadly, the kids need new soccer cleats, the car needs gas, and there’s the small matter of the bank preferring our mortgage payment in dollar form thankyouverymuch. So at times we’re forced with some tough choices with regards to the books we purchase, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be vital support systems for our author friends. Last month I blogged about how to support an author through well-timed book purchases.  This month’s follow-up will discuss ways to put a book on the radar of librarians. Stayed tuned for more in this series; there are tons of free and easy ways to help boost book sales for the authors in your life!
ImageLibraries have to make the same tough book-buying decisions the rest of us do. Budgets are being slashed and libraries need to expand the scope of their services and resources beyond just offering books. That said, there are few more passionate and dedicated book lovers than a group of librarians.
Here are some ways you can put a book on their radar:
Request a copy of the book.
This seems simple, right? Most libraries make this quite effortless to do with an online link such as this one from Memorial Hall Library in Andover, MA (also pictured below):
library order
You will typically need to know the information listed in the screen capture above, which is readily available on publisher’s websites or on Goodreads when you search for a book by title. Most libraries will only allow card-carrying members to request a title for purchase, which is where the beauty of Facebook and a vast network of friends and family comes into play! If each one asks their local library to buy a book, it adds up.
Talk Up the Book with Librarians
When the book on order comes in, make a big deal about it as you check it out. Librarians love to hear what their patrons are excited about.  The same goes for when (read the rest of this post here)


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